I just have to say that in my case , a smoker since 25 years , it was amazing to stop smoking. I just went in to the e-cigarette shop , tried it and after the first vape I was lost, this was my thing, stop with this smelly cigarettes with about 4,000 harmful substances I didnt want. I stopped there and then in the shop I bought my first kit the  17 July 2013  and have no intention to start again with analog cigarettes.

I feel much better , my skin ‘s much better and certainly my lungs etc. Think it’s so sad that they are trying to stop them. , The best invention ever e-cigarettes) . Many people talk about all the young people who try them andshit what harm can they do. But what had they tried unless the e- cig was ? What would young people do then who wants to try something new, be a little cool mm . Well they would try cigarettes ( analog ) as I did or even worse things … think again , please … If we ban e- cig and buying juices without nicotin , or they will not go away ( it’s too good for that) .

So it was said, sitting here with my e- cig , enjoying taking a puff and wonder why I was smoking when there are these GREAT e- cig- So GLAD that I found them !…



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