THE E-CIG EXPERIENCE:Throat Hit and Your Electronic Cigarette Experience

Smokers who switch back to traditional cigarettes do so mainly because they’re not getting a satisfactory throat hit, not because they don’t like electronic cigarettes

viaTHE E-CIG EXPERIENCE:Throat Hit and Your Electronic Cigarette Experience.


3 reaktioner till “THE E-CIG EXPERIENCE:Throat Hit and Your Electronic Cigarette Experience

  1. Electronic cigs are a better alternative to the other medications and pills. They give the same feel of tobacco filled cigarettes. However, all the negative aspects of the regular cigarettes are nullified by the electronic cigarettes. Firstly, electronic cigs do not cause cancer as one would inhale pure nicotine and in less quantities. Secondly, one can be assured that their family does not develop any health issues as these electronic cigs do not produce any harmful fumes. The water vapor exhaled while smoking electronic cigs is in no way harmful to the environment. This ensures better smelling clothes, better smelling car and home.


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